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Clients' bodies come in ALL shapes and sizes (and colors and gender identities and body abilities and faith beliefs and country of origin and....).

So do providers' bodies.

Diversity (in all forms) is a good thing. The purpose of this list is to
•highlight and center eating disorder and body image providers and activists who have experienced being marginalized because of an aspect of their identity,
•showcase the rich diversity of providers and activists we have in the field of body liberation,
•serve as a resource for folks to access, both for potential clients and for individuals of marginalized identities to be inspired to enter the field.

Please note this list is a working draft and we hope this list will continue to grow. If you would like to be added, please send your info to maria@threebirdscounseling.com.

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No longer on OKCupid

Deleted my OKCupid account because they are trying to get people to use their "real names," whatever those are. Apparently they aren't going to police the names the way FB does, but although I have reluctantly chosen to make an exception for FB, I'm done with social media sites that have policies requiring "real names".

More: https://beardedgenderqueer.wordpress.com/2017/12/22/an-open-letter-to-okcupid-about-the-proposed-real-name-policy/

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Pulling back

Confused about the new LJ TOS. I had to agree to it, but it says it does not apply to people with paid/permanent accounts, and I don't understand how that works.

There are a few people posting under f-lock on LJ whom I still want to follow, so I'm not planning to delete my account yet. But I don't think I'm going to be mirroring my DW posts here any more. I might post links to them if anyone is still following my increasingly neglected LJ account and would find that useful. (If so please comment.)

My DW account is also firecat.

TV series recs?

If you have watched any of the following series, I would love your opinion.
Well written?
Cast/creator diversity?
Sexism/racism/other $fail?

The Colony
Into the Badlands

Do you recommend any other TV series (prefer crime/mystery/sf) that are available on DVD and are fun, diverse, and not too $faily?

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Media Consumption Wednesday

Let's see if I can revive this habit.
There might be spoilers in the comments.
In which firecat rambles about books and TV showsCollapse )

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We need a vornado in here

Some links about brain fog, via [personal profile] umadoshi

"Life Hacks for Brain Fog: Chronic Illness, Focus and The Professional Artist" and "Brain Fog Life Hacks: Out of Sight is Out of Mind" by Colleen Doran: These basically say (1) Keep your workspace organized and tidy, because disorganization adds stress; and (2) Make sure you can see anything that you need to remember about, because otherwise you'll forget about it. Of course, those are mutually contradictory... But anyway, I did like this clarification about brain fog:
It’s not that we can’t remember things, it’s that we have brain hiccups so we have to reinforce our memory, back it up like an engineer, and add sensation to the experience to make sure information sticks....Brain fog isn’t dementia, it’s misfire. Your deep memories are still there, but your working memory is shot....Organizing your studio so that you can have constant visual and tactile reinforcement for your memories and ideas will take the load off your working memory and give you more than one path in your head for what you need to remember.
And this one: "Brain Fog":
Brain fog isn’t just forgetfulness: it’s living in a bizarre twilight world where you are half in and half out of consciousness. Everything seems grey, and you don’t feel the passage of time. ( I could not remember the month, day or year it was.) You float through life, but it’s not a good feeling. You have an almost complete lack of awareness. You’re there, but you do not process what you’re experiencing. What memories you do manage to internalize seem as if they happened to someone else.

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A couple of tasty links

Recycling some Facebook posts...

I shared this first for the amazing art of the Buddha made out of pens and coins, and second because I think the article is very good.
It's too late for me to vow not to burn out. Having burned out in various ways, if I see a way to help that I am capable of, I am fairly often moved to do it.
"I Vow Not to Burn Out" by Mushim Patricia Ikeda


Wally's resemblance to most of the Doctors is slight, but hey, you can't go wrong with a costumed Welsh Corgi. And seeing him cosplay the 12th Doctor is worth the wait.
Corgis recreate Doctor Who by Mashable

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Prescriptivist foreplay

So there we were, lying in bed, discussing the plural of "octopus," as one does.
"I like 'oc-to-podes'."
"You pronounced that wrong. It's 'oc-to-po-des'."
"No it isn't. It's English, not Latin."
[side-eye] "I'm not taking THAT stinky bait."

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Comment if you want further thoughts on any of these. Some general descriptions of settings and characters, but no other spoilers. Read more...Collapse )

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LJ / Dreamwidth

I gather there is an LJ > Dreamwidth migration afoot, and it has something to do with Russia and with some LJ users being banned, but I don't know the details. If there's a search term or a post somewhere explaining it, I'd like to know about it.

I consider my primary home to be Dreamwidth, but I'm going to continue crossposting to LJ for now.

If you have an opinion about that, I'd be interested to hear it. Comments are screened but I will unscreen your comment if you say it's OK to do so.

[ETA] Here is a non-LJ/DW link that has more info:

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Impressions of Rogue One (vague spoilers)

Vague spoilers for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Might be additional spoilers in comments.

vague spoilers for Rogue OneCollapse )

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This list of "Tech tips to help stay safe in Trump’s America" is worth saving for future reference.


It should be "Tech tips to help stay safe in a world where the government engages in surveillance," because that goes on in other countries, was going on in the US before Trump was elected, and is likely to go on after Trump is in his grave.

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A rare LJ-only post...

...because apparently LJ has implemented a "like" button and I want to click it.

A linkspam of mathematical yarncrafts

Over on Facebook someone shared with me this video about the use of yarncrafts in mathematics:

Here's the accompanying article:

I've been collecting links about this subject for a while so I offered to do a linkspam.

Particularly rich sites to investigate:
Dr. Sarah-Marie Belcastro's mathematical knitting page.
WoollyThoughts.com, the yarncraft home of mathematicians Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer.
They also have a Ravelry group.
In detail:
The original paper about crocheting and mounting the Lorenz manifold.
Crochet your own Lorenz manifold
An interview with the people who designed and crocheted a hyperbolic plane.
Mary Pat Campbell's fractal crochet
Gallery of sierpinski crochet
Random stripe generator
Tessellated fish
A recipe for knitting a Klein bottle (which can be worn as a hat)
The Crochet Coral Reef, a project of the Institute for Figuring
(this isn't strictly mathematical, but a lot of the creatures depicted grow in ways that can be depicted using hyperbolic plane crochet)
You can participate in this project. Some example patterns here:
Cable knitting using random numbers
Knitting using cellular automata
Cellular Automaton pattern generator (uses Flash)
Cellular automaton pattern examples

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Reality check request

A steering committee for a weekly event polled the membership asking whether it should make a policy change about who can attend the event. This was the result of the poll:

No, I do not want to change the policy - 30%
Yes, I would like to change the policy - 41%
Yes, I would like to change the policy, but only for one meeting a month - 18%
Yes, I would like to change the policy, but retain the current policy once a month - 27%

These poll results were described as "The community was fairly evenly split about this idea" and the decision of the committee was "For the time being we will not be making changes."

These figures add up to more than 100%, so it's hard to gauge, but it seems to me that the membership is not in fact "fairly evenly split" at all. What I see is that at least 70% of the votes are in favor of changing the policy.

However, I'm strongly in favor of changing the policy, so I am biased. What do you think?

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59 sff books by women and 1 by a man. Longish "back cover" descriptions of the books at the link, with spoilers, if you're a purist about spoilers (https://ladybusiness.dreamwidth.org/2016/08/08/60-essential-science-fiction-fantasy-reads.html)

bold means I read it
strikethru means I didn't like it (but isn't a comment on the quality of the book in any objective sense. I dislike some classics).
!!! means I really liked it and recommend it

What do you recommend? What would you like to know about the ones I've read?

Grimspace by Ann Aguirre
Read more...Collapse )

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Talking back to anonymous anarchists

I think several of Anonymous's criticisms are true and well said. Several other things on the list strike me as the childish complaints of people with privilege who can't get used to not having 100% control of the public discourse in radical political movements. So I shall ramble on about my opinions.

http://news.infoshop.org/opinion/things-anarchists-say "Things anarchists say to me in private but never repeat in public" by Anonymous 8/4/2015. (Taken from Reddit)

I do not identify as an anarchist, although I share some beliefs in common with some anarchists. So keep that in mind.

1) “Call-out culture was developed to allow activist groups to confront leaders who abused their privilege, but now it is being used to settle petty scores on the level of interpersonal politics. I now have a hard time believing some people when they make call-outs because I have seen too many that were based on nothing. Call-outs have become a way to acceptably inflict social violence and rarely are followed up in any way resembling transformative justice because people are not interested in doing the hard work of working with those who are called out.”
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My cats Angus & Biscuit passed away in 2012. But periodically I get an emailed reminder from my Mac's Calendar program: "Angus Biscuit flea med." I've searched for this event in the calendar and I can't find it. I think they're haunting my calendar to punish me for giving them flea medicine.

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I'm glad to be speaking at the Third Annual Fat Activism Conference. This is an online conference, so you can listen from wherever you are by phone or computer. The conference will take place September 23–25, 2016 and features a diverse group of speakers and topics.

The 48-hour Rush Registration has now launched. If you register before 12:01 Pacific Time on June 24th you'll get the lowest registration rates, and special bonuses. Check it out at http://www.facregister.com/?ap_id=firecat (that's my affiliate link) or http://fatactivismconference.com. All the registration options, including Pay-What-You-Can-Afford, are detailed on the registration page.

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