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But how can she talk, she hasn't got a mouth?

via geekchick, whose reaction to it is *squee*:

Hello Kitty USB hub
Hello Kitty responds to the keyboard and mouse motion [...](Moves both arms and head) Hello Kitty will talk with you[...](Kitty is able to talk in both Japanese and English. The languages can be switched.)[...]HUBCOT interlock screensaver[...]Hello Kitty mascot will shake around[...]play puzzle, mail e-mail with her friends[...]Includes alarm, time tone and clock-timer function, which Hello Kitty will inform you with her voice and motion.
Personally, I'm not sure whether to *squee* or vomit.

But then again, that's my reaction to most Hello Kitty stuff.

(Except that I'm universally delighted when people give me Hello Kitty stuff.)

(Which is also not an attempt at indirect communication with anybody.)
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