Stef (firecat) wrote,

posted to alt.polyamory

I disagree with society's idea of worth. As far as I can tell, the more
removed your job is from actually producing something, the more you get
paid. For example, nurses do more actual patient care than doctors but
nurses get paid less. Garment workers sew the clothing, but they get
paid less than the person who designs the clothing, and the designer
gets paid less than the person who decides which of the designs the
company is going to offer this season.

This works to my advantage, mind you -- I'm a technical writer, so I
am pretty far removed from actually producing something, and as a
result, I get paid a lot. But I think it's strange that I get paid more
than the person who makes my food, clothing, and shelter.

Mothers produce and raise new humans; IMO they should be worth the most
of all, but according to society they are worth nothing.
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