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This is so true.

From Daily Afflictions by Andrew Boyd, via The Funny Times
When you are unhappy, you find yourself prone to feelings of envy and jealousy. When your own life seems worthless, you often look at someone else's life and want it for yourself. But remember, however much you might want his car, career, lover, or even good looks or intelligence, you would never, given the chance, choose to be that person. You would never choose to exchange souls, because your ego is fiercely bound to your defects and failings no matter how appalling they may be. Once you realize this -- once you realize that no matter how worthless your life is, it's still the only one you would ever choose to have -- you can begin to see yourself with new eyes.

My life is worthless, but it is mine
Note on the meaning of "true" in the above subject: I'm usually just vaguely to very dissatisfied with my life, rather than thinking it's worthless, but I still think the quote is amazingly true.

And this one....OK, it's true, but I'm not ready yet. I think I'll be a soft-hearted dilettante for a little longer.

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