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Quote of the Day - Relationship

"Don't buy a puppy if you can't feed it. Don't start a relationship if you can't be yourself and give your very all." ---Ana Johnson

I think what I especially relate to in this statement is the relationship/puppy analogy.

I know a lot of folks feel that temporary relationships are worthwhile, and I agree if all parties want them to be temporary, but I'm uncomfortable with starting a relationship as a way of "trying on" someone to see if they're compatible, and then throwing away the relationship if they're not. It does feel to me like abandoning something that's alive and can't take care of itself (not the person, but the relationship).

Define "starting a relationship" in the above as whatever you might consider to be an act or set of acts that would create a desire for mutual commitment.

(Note: This is not an attempt at indirect communication with anybody.)
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