Stef (firecat) wrote,

We are a cat hospice.

While I was on my trip to Ottawa, IL, and Wiscon, the OH took our cat Isis in to the Pacifica Oncology Center for radioactive iodine therapy to treat an overactive thyroid.

While she was there, she had a coughing fit, and the vet did an X-ray on her. The X-ray revealed two lung tumors.

She also has a chronic infection - kidney? bladder? urinary tract? - we already treated her with a 3 week course of antibiotics for that, but that only got rid of one kind of beastie in there. The other kind is still hanging on.

The vet at the oncology center said that Isis might live a few months if the lung tumors went untreated. She suggested surgery, but our local vet says that while surgery could be done on the larger tumor, the smaller one is near the heart and it would be very hard to remove. And of course surgery would be expensive and invasive/painful to Isis. And it's likely the cancer has metastasized elsewhere.

So we've decided not treat the lung cancer.

Our local vet also recommended that Isis have more antibiotics for the infection. But she admitted that chronic infections can be very difficult to treat with oral antibiotics and might require treatment for up to six months.

Isis hates being given antibiotics. Although she didn't strike at us, she cried and then hid for several hours afterward each time we did it.

It's hard to tell of course, but the infection doesn't seem to be causing her a lot of pain; she is using her litter box normally.

So although we haven't decided for sure, we're inclined not to treat the infection either.

As long as she seems relatively free of pain, I guess we might have her company for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

We'll be sure to be spoiling her rotten.

I'm sad, but I had a feeling all along that she might not be with us for long. We simply did what we could by taking her in off the street.

But this is the last time I name an animal after a goddess. Goddesses don't stay in one place for long, generally speaking.
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