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I am interviewed

by hfnuala

1) Do you miss usenet in the 'old days'? When did the 'new days' start for you?

By the time I got on Usenet in 1990 it was already the "new days." (Post Great Renaming)

(Little known fact: jonsinger introduced me to Usenet...and then firmly told me, with what I suspected to be the Voice of Experience, not to waste my time on it.)

The biggest shift in my Usenet career was from consider my home group to considering alt.polyamory my home group. That happened somewhere in the mid-90s and more or less coincided, coincidentally, with the rise of spam.

alt.polyamory has been remarkably free of the evils of post-spam Usenet.

I miss some of the people who used to post and no longer do.

2) What book do you think everyone shoudl read?

You know, there isn't one. People are so different -- age, culture, education, experience -- and there's no one book they'd all appreciate, and I wouldn't want to force a book on someone who wouldn't appreciate it.

3) What does being poly mean to you?

It means I can ethically act openly loving toward more than one person at a time, make commitments to more than one person at a time, and have that love and those commitments understood and accepted by all the people involved. (This doesn't always happen, but usually.)

It means that I have several long-term partners I consider to be family, even though we don't all live together.

I think it should mean that I can ethically express romantic love toward people in less-committed contexts, but I have trouble with that, lately.

4) How many people on your lj friends list have you met in person?

More than 100, but I'm not sure exactly how many more, because I'm not good at remembering people well unless I've met them more than once.

5) You mention being a writer in your userinfo - what sort of writing do you do?

For pay I do technical writing and web writing. I also do fiction (short stories in the sf/f/horror genre and I'm working on a novel, I think) and poetry.

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