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Interviewed by...


1) What is the thing that is guaranteed to irritate you, no matter what?

Someone being [what I consider] rude to a person working a service job who is trying to do their job. (As opposed to deliberately screwing off.)

2) What is the thing that is guaranteed to make you happy, no matter what?

A dog wagging its tail in greeting.

3) If you could relive any one day, what day would it be and why? Would you change anything or would you relive the day as it was without alteration?

I would have had an answer to that a few months ago; I would have relived the day I met my rock star hero, pretty much without alteration. But something's shifted and now I don't have a particular day I want to relive without alteration. I can think of some days I wouldn't mind reliving with some tweaks, to see whether they made a difference in how things played out. (Assuming that my new actions would affect subsequent bits of my life.) I wonder how it would have played out if I'd not agreed to take on my sweetie's semi-feral cat. Or if I'd twigged to my ex-sweetie's religious conversion before she sprung it on me. Or if I'd had a conversation with the OH about the jealousy I was hiding before we went to the fateful SF con that started Poly Hell.

4) What's your favourite food?

Depends what I'm hungry for. But creme brulee ranks up there. And lately I've been having strong cravings for jellied fruit slices.

5) If you could pick any one person, anywhere, and trade lives with them for a week, who would you pick and why?

We're back to my rock star hero again. (Hm, would I trade with him, or with his wife? Oh, him, definitely.) But the problem is that I can't imagine he would be interested in living my life for a week, and I wouldn't want to do the trade without consent. A consensual option would be for me to trade with a USA-phile person from a country I'm curious about - Japan and India come to mind. But would anyone want to be burdened with my health issues for a week? Well, someone might be curious enough to. I suppose.

(My questions for you later tonight or tomorrow.)

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