Stef (firecat) wrote,

Here is Robin Banks's poll.

My responses:

1. Are you male or female?
A. I don't like the binary choice, but female fits better than male.

2. In general, would you say that you like or dislike your body?
A. I like some things and dislike others.

3. Name everything that you like about your body. Be as specific as you want.
A. I like that all the parts of my body that are supposed to be there are there, and that most of the organs and parts work pretty well. I'm especially happy with the brain part (although the emotion regulator needs more attention than I'd prefer) and the sense organs work quite nicely.

4. What's more important -- that you like your body, or that other people do?
A. It's absolutely more important that I like my body. Other people don't have to deal with my body as much as I do!

(Throughout my life, I have frequently been the brunt of fat-negative comments. Fairly recently, I realized that despite all these comments, I have generally been fairly contented with my body. The trauma I experienced over the fat-negative comments mostly had to do with being upset that other people felt they had the right to criticize my body or demand that I look pleasing to them. In short, other people have had more of a problem with my body than I do, and sometimes that causes me difficulty.

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