Stef (firecat) wrote,

mobile adoption update

I was in charge of three cats today: Zoe and Foldie (both on the PHS cat pages) and a 2-month dilute tortie kitten with white boots. None of them got adopted, although a couple of people expressed possible interest in the kitten, but all were admired. Zoe was especially social - she meowed at everyone who looked into the van, and rubbed against everyone who petted her while I had her out, and didn't even mind when three children were all petting her at once. I took her out a second time toward the end when she was getting sleepy, and she went to sleep in my arms.

One of the dogs got adopted.

There were two angora rabbits. I'd never seen angora rabbits before. They looked like someone had just taken them out of the dryer. Here's a photo that gives you an idea.
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