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The Snake Pit called "School"

[Reposted from alt.polyamory, in response to a post in which someone came out in favor of cosmetic surgery on intersexed infants as a better alternative to being abused in school.]

I agree, kids use the school environment as an excuse to abuse. I don't think that abuse is something kids *have* to do, but society has not particularly done much to prevent it, and by promoting one-size-fits-all schools it's done much to encourage it.

Well, maybe it's time to figure out a way to stop kids' abusing each other at school (and elsewhere).

It really says something nasty about our society that it's a lesser evil to force surgery and a gender assignment on a child than to let them go to school as they are.

I was watching a show on Tourette's syndrome last night and a similar evil choice was forced on kids with Tourette's: take drugs with serious side effects at a very young age, or be subject to abuse at school.

And I certainly could have done without the abuse I experienced as a fat kid.

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