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Sofie's Survey via beth666ann
1. What's your name?

2. What's your LJ username?

3. Why?
It's one of the names I use.

4. When did you create your LJ?
February 17

5. How many entries have you got?

6. What is the most entries you're even made in one day?

7. How many comments have you made?

8. How made have you received?

9. How many friends do you have?
17 actual people, 39 altogether including communities

10. How many people have you listed as their friend?

11. Have you ever added a person you didn't know to your friends, just because they were a friend of a friend, or had the same interest[s] as you? Why?
Yes because I'm nosy.

12. Have you ever added someone you really don't like to your friends list? Why?
No but I have been known to bookmark their journals and read them.

13. Have you ever had random people add you to their friends list?

14. Do you automatically add them back, or do you have to actually know and/or like them for that?
At first I added them, but lately I've decided to read their journals for a while before deciding whether to add them.

15. Do you have a paid account?

16. Do you actually use any of the perks that come with the paid account?
Yes, I have made my own style and I have uploaded lots of pix.

17. Do you use a client or the web thing? Why?
Mostly web thing because I'm on a Macintosh and the client doesn't have as many features.

18. How many communities are you a member of?

19. Do you have Brad listed as a friend? Why?
No, because I don't know him. Although I did read the chubbychicks brouhaha.

20. Have you ever commented in his journal?

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