Stef (firecat) wrote,

via WesOnline Monthly alumniae magazine from Wesleyan University, comes a report about Jennifer Finley Boylan's memoir She's Not There. Jennifer changed genders five years ago and the book is about some aspects of the transition.

I went to Amazon to put the book on my wish list and I noticed the heavy criticism in the first 10 or so reviews of the book. Most people said the book focused too much on the light and humorous, and downplayed the negative. One reviewer wrote, "when you say you're writing a memoir--and then accept a big advance for it--you'd better be prepared to spill a few pints of blood."

As if, if you are going to trouble society by changing genders, you'd better suffer for it? And if you are going to write a book about it, it had better be full of that suffering? And this is true even though you are known as a comic writer?

It reminds me of the issue of the treatment of alternative people on TV - oh, it's OK to have characters with alternative sexualities or gender identities, but they always have to suffer and die.

(Note: The subsequent 14 or so reviews were almost entirely positive.)
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