Stef (firecat) wrote,

Joyful movement

Every Woman Health Club

Local (Redwood City, California) women who have any interest in a friendly, non-competitive, women's health club, please please go check it out. I so much want it to succeed.

I just got back from their grand opening party.

They're going to have Afro-Caribbean dance classes! *bounce bounce bounce*

They're run by happy fit fat women!

They don't have scales!

They have reasonable yearly and monthly rates! (Unfortunately, you have to pay extra for the classes they offer.)

They also have drop-in rates for equipment use, classes, or both!

I saw lots of acquaintances from the former Women of Substance Health Spa.

I did the sample Afro-Caribbean dance class - sitting in a chair, because I'm not ready to exert myself a lot after my surgery. Discovered I mostly still have the moves from when I used to do Haitian dance at Dance Mission in San Francisco over a decade ago.
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