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Daily Soul-Search No. 154

via dailysoulsearch, which is a cool community.

How often are you in a bad mood?
These days, I get into bad moods several times a day on average.

How long do those moods usually last?
They last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Before I had the right antidepressants, they usually lasted hours to days.

Do you share them with anyone and everyone, or keep them to yourself?
I default to keeping them to myself. I do something other than the default in a few circumstances:
  • A loved one notices I'm looking/acting cranky and asks about it. Then I'll say I'm cranky or in a bad mood, and I'll say what it's about, or I'll say "It's not important" or "It's not about anything in specific."
  • If the bad mood is about something specific and it's fairly strong, I might whine about it to whatever moderately friendly person happens to be around.
Once you're in a bad mood, does it last the rest of the day, or are you the sort of person who is able to put things behind you and turn the day around?
If the bad mood doesn't go away by itself, there are various things I try that sometimes change it:
  • Notice I'm in a bad mood, figure out what it's about, and try to think of/implement solutions
  • Notice the bad mood, figure out what it's about, and decide it's not important enough to be in a bad mood about
  • Deliberately change my location or activity (in a small or big way, depending on the intensity of the mood)
  • Decide I'm wallowing in the bad mood and decide to stop wallowing and focus
  • Deliberately try to think about what's putting me in a bad mood in a different way (e.g., if I'm in a bad mood because I'm doing something I'd rather not do, like washing the dishes, I try to focus on all the sensations and movements and turn it into a dance or a meditation)
  • Write in my private journal about it
  • Dommunicate with other people about it (either privately via phone or email, or by posting something on the net
Other no-doubt-fascinating stuff about my bad moods:

They're mostly internally generated.

Sometimes they go along with my getting judgemental about myself, how I spend my time, what I say and do. (I'm not sure whether the bad mood causes the judgementalism or vice versa or both.)

Sometimes I can tell they're not about anything at all, and maybe caused by brain chemistry stuff or being hungry or tired.

Maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the time they're about external events that are bothering me.
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