March 27th, 2001

red panda eating bamboo

poetry as a living entity

I am reading Basho's Narrow Road. I love how geeky the translation/annotation is. I am starting to get a sense for how poetry can be a communication among various people both living and dead. Not just something you sit there by yourself and do. In that sense it's not so different from the shared forms of communication on the net.

I'm also getting a sense for how poetic forms change. Some people think that a poetic form, especially haiku, has to be rigid. But haiku started out as a piece of another poetic form (renga, a collaborative form). That form has all sorts of rules. But it started as a rejection of another form that was even more formal. So people are always taking a form that feels formal to them and loosening it and then that form solidifies and becomes the basis for something else that loosens it. So it forms a chain of links stretching back into the past.

red panda eating bamboo

Adventures in Darwinian Gardening

A few months ago my mom sent me an arrangement of Protea. They are ancient-on-the-evolutionary-tree tropical flowers with huge spiky-leafed heads that open into balls of long fuzzy somethings. They last forever as cut flowers. The arrangement also had some curly willow in it. I have been keeping it on the dining room table and I only added water once. The vase is clear so I can see that the water is now dark brown. About a week ago I noticed that the curly willow was growing roots and leaves. I am going to plant it outside.
red panda eating bamboo

a definition of "Chemistry"

I sometimes experience a state of mine where being with a person, or doing a particular thing with a person, feels magickally smooth and easy, like we have an instant, universe-given shared context without having put the work into creating it. It feels like getting away with something.
red panda eating bamboo

Knock Knock

This afternoon I was half-napping and thinking of a better word for what some people call "God." I started with "What It Is." That led to --> "What Is" --> "What's There --> "Who's There" --> "Knock Knock." So, next time someone asks me what God is for me I am going to say "God is a knock knock joke."