May 26th, 2001

red panda eating bamboo

The Snake Pit called "School"

[Reposted from alt.polyamory, in response to a post in which someone came out in favor of cosmetic surgery on intersexed infants as a better alternative to being abused in school.]

I agree, kids use the school environment as an excuse to abuse. I don't think that abuse is something kids *have* to do, but society has not particularly done much to prevent it, and by promoting one-size-fits-all schools it's done much to encourage it.

Well, maybe it's time to figure out a way to stop kids' abusing each other at school (and elsewhere).

It really says something nasty about our society that it's a lesser evil to force surgery and a gender assignment on a child than to let them go to school as they are.

I was watching a show on Tourette's syndrome last night and a similar evil choice was forced on kids with Tourette's: take drugs with serious side effects at a very young age, or be subject to abuse at school.

And I certainly could have done without the abuse I experienced as a fat kid.

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red panda eating bamboo

The Marvelous Worlds of Collecting

My sweetie M spent the night. She was cranky and sleep deprived, so we vegged in front of the TV. We watched a show on collectible knives on one of the shopping channels, which was one of those "sort of poking fun at itself and sort of not" type shows, with a guy who had a "cut it with a, well, one of the things he sells" Southern good ol' boy accent, and who threw around a great many good ol' boy cliches and bolloxed cliches (such as "this material is harder'n hen's teeth, boys and girls") and referred to women as honey and sugar. They got his face on camera at the end, and he turned out actually to be a pretty young guy. It was amusing to get steeped in knife-collecting jargon. He described one of the knives as a Bulldog Toasted Stag Canoe. I mean, how can you even tell that is a knife?

After that we watched a show about Tourette's syndrome on the Discovery Health channel. They interviewed Oliver Sacks. He is very animated. Now I have an even bigger crush on him than I had before based on his interests and writing ability. [*grin*]

This morning we got up and made pancakes then watched the birds at the bird feeders and looked at the Big on Batik and Love Your Peaches catalogs.

Now I am trying to decide if I should meet J&P at the NAAFA Memorial Day conference or stay home and do some more vegging and handling of lots of tiny annoying to-do's. I am leaning toward going.

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red panda eating bamboo

My boring to do list

To do:
  • clean or package for pickup the garage boxes
  • find Bone Dance
  • schedule visit to Sundance art glass center or raid their web page for info
  • schedule visit to window showrooms
  • buy pillow and towels
  • 20% done/ remove old papers from files and shred
  • do laundry
  • exercise
  • play b&w
  • NAAFA conference
  • update shelter web page
  • update gallery web site
  • update library web site
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