June 8th, 2001

red panda eating bamboo

snip snip

Got a haircut. Not particularly the one I wanted, but it'll do.

First time I've used this barber, which is the one B goes to. I like the feel of the place so I will probably go back even though I see I am going to have to get her used to the idea that yes, I really do want a butch haircut.

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red panda eating bamboo

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I woke up around 5am having anxiety thoughts about my health and it took me a while to get back to sleep.

While I was lying there, I was asking myself "if I could change so that I wanted to do anything what would I change?" The answer was "move more, fall in love with your body, spend more time outside, do gardening." I don't know where that answer comes from. A "should" place or a "soul" place or? And if I were going to move in that direction? 15 minutes of tai chi in the morning, outside? I also thought about swimming laps and how that might get me back in touch with my body.

Actually I am not out of touch with my body the way some people are. I just sometimes like to sit and do not very much with it.

Went to Sundance Art/Stained Glass center, hoping to buy books and see a setup for lampworking and a setup for kiln slumping. Turns out it's just a little warehouse that supplies glass. All the equipment and classes are down in their bigger place in Santa Cruz. I bought $70 worth of books, though, and that should keep me pretty busy deciding whether it's something I can pursue and how much effort it would be to set up a workshop.

I finally joined the YMCA (had been putting off joining a gym since Women of Substance Health Spa closed down at the end of April) and went swimming. WOSHS didn't have a lap pool. It felt sooo goood to do some lap swimming again, even though there were a couple of dozen kids shrieking in the pool. I'll have to see if my shoulder is happy about it in a day or two. They have a nice facility, and people were friendly.

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