June 16th, 2001

red panda eating bamboo

Cat finds home!

Met T&G at the animal shelter to help them pick out a cat to adopt. The cat they fell most in love with turned out to be declawed, and they can't have a declawed cat because they already have a cat who has claws and who goes outside. They decided on another cat, though, who is one of my favorites. I'm glad they're going to adopt him because that means I get to visit him!
red panda eating bamboo

And the waves kept rushing at our toes

Went to Ocean Beach with N the other night. We discovered a champagne cork. We tried throwing it into the ocean and the ocean put it back on the beach. We turned it into a game -- each time we threw it, the ocean tossed it around for a while and deposited it back right at our feet. N called it "playing fetch with the ocean," and at that moment I understood why dogs love playing at the beach.
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