June 26th, 2001

red panda eating bamboo

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My intestinal system is still somewhat cranky, and I have a hell of a sore upper back from bringing stuff up the down esophagator, but otherwise I feel better.

It rained yesterday! (Usually it doesn't rain in Northern California in the summer.) I love the smell of the first rain after the dry season.

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red panda eating bamboo


My ability to pay attention to what I call my "alpha state" (the state of mind I get into just before going to sleep) is back. (Wellbutrin took it away for a while.) I can sort of follow the voices and music and images. They change constantly. It's kind of like MTV. I like it; it's very entertaining.

Grudging acceptance
I guess I can forgive MTV for trying to mimic the human alpha state if Virginia Woolf and James Joyce were doing it in print at the beginning of the 19th century.

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red panda eating bamboo

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Spent the night at J's and went to somewhat more than half of the Big Moves Day of Dance for fat women.

It all reminded me of how crotchety I am. How I demand my comfort and familiarity. As in: I can't sleep in a different bed, or with the wrong cover configuration, or with the wrong pillow, and I can't do without coffee, and I can't do more than 2 hours of dance classes without feeling exhausted.

(On the other hand, given how inactive I am, I am f'ing amazed that I can do 2 hours of dance classes.)

It was quite nice to do some Haitian dance again. I love the snake dance...

In the belly dance class, I just wanted to stand there and practice the basic figure 8 over and over again, but the instructor was told to offer us some instant gratification, so we ended up moving all over the room trying to do walks and shimmies and arms all at once. Too confusing.

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red panda eating bamboo


Last Tuesday, B and I went to the Strybing Arboretum at Golden Gate
Park. Then we had lunch at a "refreshingly unpretentious" restaurant
called "Park Chow." On the way home, I stopped at the Holly Street Pet
Hospital to pick up some prescription low protein food for Selkie. As I
entered I saw a large plexiglass enclosure with a cat condo in it. There
was a gray cat in there. When the cat saw me he jumped up, all excited,
and plastered itself against the glass on my side. I tapped on the glass
against his belly. As I was getting my stuff, a boy around 9 years old
came in and said "I can unlock the cage if you want to see the cat." I
said I'd like that. I played with the cat for a few minutes and talked
to the boy, who turned out to be the son of the owners. The cat was up
for adoption. The pet hospital also boards animals. The boy said that
some people come in and leave an animal and never come back for it. The
cat was a male, large and soft, attention starved and rambunctious. He
kept stalking my hand.
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