August 1st, 2001

red panda eating bamboo

The 7 Jeopardy Categories of Your Life

Seemed appropriate to infect Livejournal with this as well...

if by some chance I got on Jeopardy & was facing the screens, if these were the categories that appeared, I would be grinning b/c I would know that I was about to ace the game. So what would they be? -- L1

1. Indie Punk Bands of 1982
2. Group Dynamics of Eclectic/Dianic Covens
3. Care and Feeding of Non-Tenured Scholarly Book Authors and the Correct Use of Commas
4. Product Team T-shirts of Apple Computer
5. Polyamory: Theory and Practice on the Internet
6. Cat Photography Tips
7. Homeowning on Fifty Cents a Day
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