October 3rd, 2001

red panda eating bamboo

Requesting your good thoughts on our behalf

Most of the folks on my friends list will see this more than once; my apologies. I wanted to blanket every possible source of good-thoughts.

My OH is going for an evaluation for a cochlear implant (a science fiction bionic device that helps reverse hearing
loss). We'll be at the hospital from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. He is worried that his hearing is too good right now (even though a hearing aid is not helping much any more) and he'll be denied the implant.

My 16 year old Siamese cat, Selkie, is in the pet hospital. She isn't all that sick, according to the vet, but she is under the weather with a tummy bug, and I know how fast cats can decline when they are sick. So we weren't comfortable leaving her alone all day while we were at the people hospital.

Accepted-for-implant and well-kitty thoughts requested.

My parents are bringing over our dinner this evening. It's their 42 wedding anniversary. I wrote them a card that said "Thank you for feeding your baby all these years."
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red panda eating bamboo


Heartfelt thanks to everyone who sent good wishes.

We survived the evaluation. Some aspects of OH's hearing are "too good," and therefore he doesn't meet the FDA specifications for an implant. But the audiologist thinks he will be helped by an implant and is willing to implant him "off label," which they are allowed to do. The question is whether insurance will pay for it under those conditions.

Selkie has some kind of inflammation in her digestive tract; they don't know what is causing it, but they seem reasonably confident it will go away over the next week or two. In the meantime she gets a bland diet and pills.
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