October 28th, 2001

red panda eating bamboo

A plan, or a seed, or whatever

On the day before my birthday I found myself inspired to write about what I want my life to be like. This is what resulted, after a lot of rambling and stirring:

Beneficial Things Stef Wants To Do

  • Every Day:
    • Enjoy the outdoors. Play with the cat.
    • Battle entropy [Cleaning. Checkups. Bills.]
    • Relax [Nap. Read. Watch TV. Net.]
  • Most Days:
    • Move. [Swim. Walk (dogs). Bike. Tai-chi. Stretch.]
    • Art. [Write poetry. Write artist way pages. Write fiction. Do crafts.]
    • Projects. [Work on the house. Work on my finances.]
  • Often:
    • Get out of the house.
Set aside time for them.
Let other people know that time is set aside.
Take moments for mindfulness about what makes sense to do next.
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