November 17th, 2001

red panda eating bamboo

Stef's Infrequent Update

I'm feeling harrassed by chores today.

Spent almost 4 hours in various doctors' offices today. Blech. As a reward, we watched Space Cowboys. Really liked it a lot -- it was actually fairly believable, and there wasn't a lot of shouting. It's kind of hard to explain why I was impressed by that last bit.

Did my Paper Management Run all day. Took 4 bags of shreddings to the car, shredded another bag's worth, and filled 2 milk crates and 2 paper grocery bags with paper to recycle. Processed 30 Business Weeks and 10 PC Magazines. Filed a bunch of magazines I decided to keep.

Did dog training class with Hamish again. It went better this time -- he mastered 'sit,' started learning 'down', didn't get whiny, paid more attention to me, and was so tired when I put him back in his kennel that he didn't whine then, either.

leandra333 and sweetie came over and all four of us watched Dr. Strangelove. (OH and I had watched Failsafe a few days earlier and as they were released very close together and had similar plot elements, we wanted to see it.) I liked being reminded of all the Kubrick touches in it.

Business meeting with The Gallery, followed by a walk in downtown Burlingame and then reading web sites about the Dog Agility sport.

Homemade dinner and Ma Vie En Rose with some friends who hadn't seen it yet. I think that movie should be required viewing for anyone who is considering having children.

Had a yummy dinner prepared by Oc and her housemates, then went with Oc to a reading at Modern Times Bookstore. The reading was sponsored by feminist/multicultural publishers Calyx Press. I went on a poetry binge afterward and bought books by Rilke, Rumi, and Rich (Adrienne), along with the Calyx Press 25th anniversary compilation.

Took Dad to Stanislav Ioudenitch (Van Cliburn Piano Competition award winner) concert, sponsored by Stanford Lively Arts. Dinner at with Mom and Dad at Vivace's afterward, and then home where OH prepared whipped cream to put on my pumpkin pie for the four of us.

When I go out into my backyard, even though all it is is my backyard, something is new. Today a blue jay watched me from the fence and then came within 10 feet of me to grab something off the ground.

Went to Bay Team's NADAC trial California Cup competition Dog agility show. It was fun to watch, although I felt a bit out of place because there seemed to be no other spectators; it seemed everyone there was there to participate, I love watching people and their dogs run the courses. My favorite thing to watch is Novice class, because they make more mistakes and I can learn more about how the sport works that way. Also because they get so excited when they don't make any mistakes.

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red panda eating bamboo

I think too much

Thoughts while eating a pear outside and looking at the sun, and further thoughts:

The sun gives life and the sun takes life away.
Life is balance. Too much or not enough of anything that life needs means that life stops.
This applies not only to physical life but also to other kinds of life, such as mental or emotional or spiritual life.
Any state is balance. If you take away what the state needs to be a state, what makes a state a state, it ceases to be that state and becomes something else.
Things are frequently changing and turning into other things.

Thoughts while using a fan to dry myself after a shower:

[This was inspired by something in the movie A Fistful of Dollars, which I watched last night: the undertaker he said something like "While I am alive I want to stay alive. When I am dead I will want to stay dead."]

Life is life and death is death. Dying is dying.
People are afraid of the transition between them. People struggle against the transitions.
I am now thinking about the state of life as a thing in its own right and the state of death as a thing in its own right.

I find that comforting.

There is also a lot in Neil Gaiman's American Gods (which I am listening to on tape) that ties in with the above.

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