December 5th, 2001

red panda eating bamboo

Absent-minded comment

When my PalmOS device comes with little configurable leg thingies that allow it to follow me around instead of languishing in whatever corner of the living room I dumped it last, its little configurable alarm thingies might do me some good.

And while they're at it, they should develop homing devices for sunglasses and pens.

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Yesterday I wasn't out doors hardly at all, and I didn't do much battling of entropy, and I didn't move, and I didn't do any art, and I did a project -- a Sweet discography -- and I went out with OH to see the Harry Potter movie.

Doing the things I didn't do really does make a difference when I do them. Today since I didn't do them I woke up stiff and with a sore back (which has now mostly gone away thanks to 3 ibu).

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