January 10th, 2003

totoros in garden

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kyubi and I went to Osento tonight. I like being able to shower outside in the nude, in the rain, in a large city.

When I got home, I updated my quote file. I had taken out a bunch of quotes after 09/11/01 because they seemed irrelevant at the time. I decided it was time to put them back in, and I also added an accumulation of new quotes. I'm very proud of my quote file. You can view it one random bit at a time here.

I keep seeing Selkie out of the corner of my eye in what turns out on closer inspection to be piles of shoes.
totoros in garden


The OH has written a beautiful memorial page for Selkie. Note that it describes her last days, so don't read it if you don't want to feel sad.

I linked to it in a small addition to Selkie's web page but I'm not ready to publish anything more yet.