March 3rd, 2003

red panda eating bamboo


Inspired by the "10 good things" posts that soaring_phoenix, among others, has been doing, I began making lists that I started out intending to be lists of 10 good things, but they wound up being lists of an indeterminate number of things, most of them good, but some not, and some of them including thoughts/observations that go outside the "list" format. I've been doing it on and off for a couple of weeks and I figured I'd post all the backdated ones at once.

a morning walk, coffee with an espresso shot, making sesame noodle salad with snow peas, the scent of the OH's lamb stew, driving around the back streets of the industrial part of town and wondering what "plating" and "spinning metal" companies do, the prospect of new window coverings, crochet, missing Selkie while watching a sad Emergency Vets show, The Sweet Glam Forum

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