March 7th, 2003

red panda eating bamboo


pleasant awakening at 4am, a factory-2d genuine Acme Klein Bottle, spending 6 hours shopping for a space pen online (one of firecat's strange forms of therapy), Animal Planet, having the house to myself,

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a year of relationship therapy that worked, chile rellenos, a gentleman pit bull named Smiley, minestrone soup and seared asparagus

sleeplessness at 4am, egg salad for breakfast, an apricot oat cake, Costco, sticker shock, Lawrence of Arabia, working on three crochet squares during Lawrence of Arabia, discovering yet another culture's version of fried dough (Salvadoran pupusas), misquoting Monty Python sketches with the OH at bedtime
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    "Is It True" - Andy Scott's Sweet - Answer