June 6th, 2003

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I am interviewed by a man of many superpowers

1. Cancer survivor or Gert Frobe: which would piss off your mother more?

I think they're one and the same, as far as she is concerned. Hair-wise, that is.

2. How did you meet your husband?

I sent him email in response to something he wrote on soc.singles in December '91. In February '92, we met in person for the first time. After we spent the day together, we went back to my place and he proceeded to sing me "Nobody's Moggy Land." After that I was too stunned to resist.

3. Which of your Cassandra-like predictions did you wish people had paid attetion to?

"Careful With That Axe, Clytaemnestra"

I'm not sure how to answer this without being either meaninglessly vague or too detailed, but there were two predictions in particular that hurt a lot when they came true because I ended up losing friends. In one case my friends were so hurt by the situation that [my interpretation of their behavior] they withdrew from socializing with people who reminded them in any way of the situation. In another case someone acted very hurtfully in a way that I thought was a mistake that could be rectified, and I couldn't stop bugging them to fix the mistake, so they stopped communicating with me.

Thinking on it, those had something in common other than my losing friends. [/cryptic]

4. What was special about your very first cat?

She came with four toy surprises inside.

5. Who are your writing influences/heroes/inspirations?

Gah. There are dozens. Besides the ones mentioned in my interests list: Douglas Adams, Alfred Bester, Carol Emshwiller, James Joyce, Madeleine L'Engle, Neal Stephenson, Mark Strand, Kurt Vonnegut
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I am interviewed

by hfnuala

1) Do you miss usenet in the 'old days'? When did the 'new days' start for you?

By the time I got on Usenet in 1990 it was already the "new days." (Post Great Renaming)

(Little known fact: jonsinger introduced me to Usenet...and then firmly told me, with what I suspected to be the Voice of Experience, not to waste my time on it.)

The biggest shift in my Usenet career was from consider soc.singles my home group to considering alt.polyamory my home group. That happened somewhere in the mid-90s and more or less coincided, coincidentally, with the rise of spam.

alt.polyamory has been remarkably free of the evils of post-spam Usenet.

I miss some of the people who used to post and no longer do.

2) What book do you think everyone shoudl read?

You know, there isn't one. People are so different -- age, culture, education, experience -- and there's no one book they'd all appreciate, and I wouldn't want to force a book on someone who wouldn't appreciate it.

3) What does being poly mean to you?

It means I can ethically act openly loving toward more than one person at a time, make commitments to more than one person at a time, and have that love and those commitments understood and accepted by all the people involved. (This doesn't always happen, but usually.)

It means that I have several long-term partners I consider to be family, even though we don't all live together.

I think it should mean that I can ethically express romantic love toward people in less-committed contexts, but I have trouble with that, lately.

4) How many people on your lj friends list have you met in person?

More than 100, but I'm not sure exactly how many more, because I'm not good at remembering people well unless I've met them more than once.

5) You mention being a writer in your userinfo - what sort of writing do you do?

For pay I do technical writing and web writing. I also do fiction (short stories in the sf/f/horror genre and I'm working on a novel, I think) and poetry.

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I am interviewed

by soaring_phoenix

1. What do you consider to be the driving passions of your life?

Writing, compassion, "right action," animals, trying to figure out how everything fits together, perspective-switching

2. Do you do any other forms of writing, besides your tech writing? If not, do you want to?

I write fiction (sf/f/horror genre) and poetry, and I feel guilty at myself for not sending it out for publication.

3. What would be your ideal day?

My ideal day is when I have enough of the right kind of energy to accomplish some chores and practical projects and hang out with some people I love and help solve some problems and do some creative work I'm happy with and spend some time outside and spend some time with animals and have some time left over to bask.

4. What do you consider the best thing about youself (physical/personality/capability or whatever)?

I don't think in absolutes, so there isn't one best thing. I like stuff like: I am smart and thoughtful and spiritual, I can write clearly and concisely, music makes me feel good, I have a problem-solving bent of mind, I'm mostly not a whiner, I enjoy quiet and low-key activities, I appreciate hidden qualities, I always want to keep learning.
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(no subject)

sistercoyote asks:

1. Your thoughts on l33t 5p34K?

Not very many. Something on the order of "Oh, how cute." That would probably change to something more negative if I were exposed to a lot more of it.

2. You can be one historical person, on one day in their life. Who do you choose, when, and why?

Hmm. Do I get to control the person's actions and thoughts? Or just experience what happened to them and how they chose? If I could control them, I'd probably try to figure out a point at which some historical figure acted in a way that caused harm and act differently. I might be John Wilkes Booth and decide to just watch the play. I might be Hitler and decide to commit suicide in 1939. I might be one of the people in the chain of mishaps that led to Pearl Harbor. (I love the movie Toro, Toro, Toro. I hope they have enough information someday to make a similar movie about the terrorist attacks on 9/11.) I might be the pilot of the Enola Gay. I might be Lee Harvey Oswald (although I'm not convinced that being Lee Harvey Oswald would make a difference to Kennedy's assassination).

If I only get to experience what happened to them... I find myself wanting to experience someone very different from me. My mind perversely came up with "Jack the Ripper" on my first try. How about Genghis Khan marching into Xi Xia? How about Tokugawa Ieyasu, the leader who established the Tokugawa Shogunate? I don't know enough about the last two to pick a particular day on which to be them, so I'd want to pick a day where they did enough of the things they're famous for that I get an understanding of what it was like to be them.

3. Why "Firecat"? (someone else may have asked, if so I apologize for the duplication.)

It's a name that came to me as part of a pagan rebirthing ritual, and I've used it on parts of the net from time to time. It also represents my shamanic power animal, a black leopard that lives in lava tubes in Hawai'i. (Yes, I know, no real black leopards would do any such thing.) When I decided to create a LiveJournal associated with my public persona, "Stef" was already taken, and that came to mind as one of my other names.

4. What is the first thing you remember?

I'm in a dark room looking through a doorway at my parents who are sitting across from each other at a table.

5. What do you want to be remembered for?

Writing great novels and being an all round good guy. I had better get going on the great novels part.
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Interviewed by...


1) What is the thing that is guaranteed to irritate you, no matter what?

Someone being [what I consider] rude to a person working a service job who is trying to do their job. (As opposed to deliberately screwing off.)

2) What is the thing that is guaranteed to make you happy, no matter what?

A dog wagging its tail in greeting.

3) If you could relive any one day, what day would it be and why? Would you change anything or would you relive the day as it was without alteration?

I would have had an answer to that a few months ago; I would have relived the day I met my rock star hero, pretty much without alteration. But something's shifted and now I don't have a particular day I want to relive without alteration. I can think of some days I wouldn't mind reliving with some tweaks, to see whether they made a difference in how things played out. (Assuming that my new actions would affect subsequent bits of my life.) I wonder how it would have played out if I'd not agreed to take on my sweetie's semi-feral cat. Or if I'd twigged to my ex-sweetie's religious conversion before she sprung it on me. Or if I'd had a conversation with the OH about the jealousy I was hiding before we went to the fateful SF con that started Poly Hell.

4) What's your favourite food?

Depends what I'm hungry for. But creme brulee ranks up there. And lately I've been having strong cravings for jellied fruit slices.

5) If you could pick any one person, anywhere, and trade lives with them for a week, who would you pick and why?

We're back to my rock star hero again. (Hm, would I trade with him, or with his wife? Oh, him, definitely.) But the problem is that I can't imagine he would be interested in living my life for a week, and I wouldn't want to do the trade without consent. A consensual option would be for me to trade with a USA-phile person from a country I'm curious about - Japan and India come to mind. But would anyone want to be burdened with my health issues for a week? Well, someone might be curious enough to. I suppose.

(My questions for you later tonight or tomorrow.)
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