July 30th, 2003

red panda eating bamboo

My backbrain went "Aha."

From The Onion AV Club review of the Wings of Desire DVD:
Henri Alekan, cinematographer on Jean Cocteau's Beauty And The Beast, came out of retirement to give Wenders' film a luminescence that recalls early silents and German expressionism, with otherworldly shifts from fine-grain black-and-white to deep color...
Yeah! They are similar that way1

Yaaayyy! Wings of Desire is out on DVD!! (Rushing off to find my credit card.)
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red panda eating bamboo


...I never did consider words to be substitutes for actions, especially actions that are repeated over and over again.

Which means that the Nth time you cancel our date because you forgot, or overbooked, or decided something else matters more to you...

...your telling me that you really miss me and really want to spend more time with me isn't going to make much of an impression on me.

You can say that you made a mistake. You can say that you're sorry. You can say that you'll work out some other time for us to get together. But trying to make me feel sorry for you is a bad move.
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