August 26th, 2003

red panda eating bamboo

More on Friendster

It finally let me post a picture, but when I tried to post a different picture, it wouldn't let me. So I'm not all that happy with my picture. Eh, the standard state of most humans with an ounce of vanity.

Last night it claimed I'm "not connected to" jonsinger. Ahahahahahahaha!

So I read some people's profiles, and it sounds like they are almost all the kind of people I want to know: intelligent interesting people with depth.

Since I already don't have enough time for the intelligent interesting people with depth I do know, I guess I was correct in my original suspicion that Friendster would be an exercise in frustration. :-)

Also, I resent that they require my full birthday and my location down to the five-digit zipcode, so I lied. (I was amused to note that eck really got fictional with his birthday, as Friendster thinks he's 82.) I didn't lie about gender, however, although I was tempted.