September 2nd, 2003

red panda eating bamboo

new cat!

Our new cat arrived and is on her way to making herself at home. She is still too skittish for me to make really good photos of her, but here are a few that turned out OK.

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I got her from a friend of mine who adopted her from the animal shelter we both volunteer at, but she couldn't keep her because her husband's cat allergy got a lot worse recently. My friend named her Tillie, after the "air plant," Tillandsia, because when she first arrived, she didn't eat much. But now, as you can see, she eats a lot. So we're going to rename her. We haven't come up with any names we're thrilled with. (I'm calling her "Hello Hello," but I expect the OH won't let me get away with that. :-) Suggestions are welcome!