September 15th, 2003

red panda eating bamboo

invisible idiot

the babelizer
(via Neil Gaiman's blog)
translated a quote from eve_l_incarnata.

The quote:
I've never understood the fascination with "sexy" underwear. How can underwear be "sexy"? It doesn't read books, nor can it tell me about the latest film it's seen.
The babelization:
Of " outside the doubt; Intelligence, where sexy" with him is
included/understood he disattento of the fact that is not,; underclothing. Like the Underclothing; " this, if to introduce to the interior of sexy"? This mark is possible and my book, until a cinematographic film recently with this, informs this to him and during the period into the order the law not he the fact that one.
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red panda eating bamboo



(Actually, I have a grocery bag full of gorgeous fat quarters that I picked up at leandra333's family's garage sale a few years ago, so in this case my "wanting" is mainly for the time, motivation, and talent.)