November 19th, 2003


*bounce* (fangirl mode)

I have a favorite audio book reader. His name is David Case. (He's one of the entries in my interests list that no one else shares.)

I haven't listened to a book of his for a long time, though, because I was trying to get through all the Hugo and Nebula award winners recorded in audio format in my local library. I've put that project on hold at the moment (I went through most of them, and can't get the library to put holds on some of the others, and so forth).

Today I was at the library trying to pick a new audio book. (The one I just finished was Rex Stout's Death Times Three.) I decided on a collection of "Rumpole" short stories by John Clifford Mortimer.

On the way home, I put the book in the cassette deck in my car, and I heard David Case's voice reading some introductory material about the book. I was thrilled, and also very surprised because the cover didn't have his name on it. Then he said, "This book is read by Frederick Davidson." So I thought, "Oh, he is only reading the introductory material for some reason. Waah."

I got to the beginning of the actual book just as I was pulling in to the driveway. It was still David Case's voice. Moment of doubt - could it be someone else who just sounds like him?

No way. I've listened to his voice for literally 100s of hours. I couldn't mistake it.

So I went inside, fired up Google, searched on "Frederick Davidson" and "David Case," and eventually came up with this article. Yep, same guy! He uses the name Frederick Davidson when he reads for the audio book publisher Blackstone. He's recorded almost 300 books for Blackstone. Whee! More David Case books to listen to!

(Not that I'm going to run out. He has recorded over 800 books.)
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NaNoWriMo Progress Meter

Woo hoo, over 4313 words today. That's by far my biggest daily chunk. Still more behind than I was last week, but not nearly as bad as this morning.