December 5th, 2003

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Five Geek Social Fallacies

This is a good article, but it's incorrect to focus most of the fallacies on geeks per se. I think that "Geek Social Fallacy #1: Ostracizers Are Evil" is more or less strictly geek, but the others are pretty much social fallacies in non-geek groups as well. Think of how "Friendship Is Transitive" plays out in a slightly modified form as "Relatives Are Transitive" during this season in particular.
Every carrier of GSF4 has, at some point, said:
"Wouldn't it be great to get all my groups of friends into one place for one big happy party?!"
or how about the poly alternative: "Would it be great to get all my partners to move in with me on a ranch with a lot of cottages and a central living area?" Well, sure it would be great for the speaker if that would work out, and therefore it makes a fine fantasy. That doesn't mean it's possible, and it doesn't mean the person having the fantasy is laboring under a fallacy.

Then again, I've never made a great geek.