March 22nd, 2004

red panda eating bamboo

Cat Soup

My sweetie kyubi showed me the DVD of Cat Soup (aka Nekojiru-so) over the weekend. It's a 34 minute short anime, combining digital and traditional cel animation, based on a manga called Nekojiru Udon. If you go to the Cat Soup web site it will give you a storyline, but Collapse )

The extras on the DVD are also well worth enjoying. There's a director's commentary that's really quite funny, as he keeps describing Collapse )

There's also an interview with the director called "How to Make Cat Soup" that's longer than the film, and much more informative than similar interviews/making-of documentaries of most American films. In fact I would call it positively geeky. In one section he very seriously answers the question, which he says he is frequently asked, Collapse )

Finally, kyubi had the beyond-cool limited edition copy of the DVD, the cover of which has a liquid-filled insert with two cartoon kittens floating inside.

Joe-Stef says check it out.