April 6th, 2004

red panda eating bamboo

Unbearably Cute Carnivores series

A few years ago, I hung a bird feeder near the dining room window. The bird seed attracted rats, so I stopped putting bird seed in it, but a couple of years ago, some birds built a nest in it. They abandoned the nest because they kept getting startled by people walking by inside the house.

This year, another pair of birds (CLBBs™) took over the nest and they are sticking with it so far. The female sits in the nest except when folks walk by.

Our cat Biscuit has discovered the nest, and now she spends all her spare time sitting on the dining room table looking at it.

Of course I know what she really wants is to catch the bird, torture it, and eat it. But it looks like she is being its guardian angel.

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CLBB™: California Litte Brown Bird