April 29th, 2004

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Help with updating alt.polyamory home page

[cross-posted to polyamory; feel free to pass on to other LJ polyamory communities.]

I'm working on updating the alt.polyamory home page at http://poly.polyamory.org.

So far, I've updated these sub-pages:

Local Poly Groups :: http://poly.polyamory.org/SF/groups.html

Poly Mailing Lists (includes chat rooms and poly friendly personal ad sites) :: http://poly.polyamory.org/SF/mail-lists.html

Poly Folks (home pages or poly pages of poly and poly-friendly folks) :: http://poly.polyamory.org/SF/poly-folks.html

Here's how you can help:

Send or correct info about local poly groups, poly mailing lists, chat rooms, and other poly networking resources.

If you're poly/poly-friendly and you want your home page or the poly page from your web site listed, send it along with the name you'd like it to be listed under. Note: If you previously submitted your web site, please check that it's still there. I had to remove some sites of people I know are still active in the poly community, because the addresses were wrong with no forwarding addresses.

Send info to stef at polyamory.org - not to my LJ email address - with the subject line "alt.polyamory home page". Feel free to comment here, but please also send the information by email so I can sort and store it properly. I can't guarantee I'll see comments.

Thanks much!
red panda eating bamboo

23d post, 5th sentence meme

1.Go into your LJ's archives.
2.Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3.Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4.Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.

March 13, 2001


Sometimes when I am listening to music she plays and makes patterns of colors in my head and thinks about sewing together little bits of differently colored cloth or shaping molten glass.
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