May 4th, 2004

red panda eating bamboo

lyrical quiz meme

via lysana: The idea of this meme/quiz is as follows: I hit Shuffle on my MP3 player and picked my favorite line or two from the lyrics of the first 20 songs (1) from unique artists (2) with lyrics (3) in English (4) that weren't simply endless repeats of "jump with my baby tonight" or similar. If you feel so inclined, guess artists in the comments. I'll post the answers Wednesday.
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red panda eating bamboo

Dalai Lama

I was flipping channels, and I saw him on the University of California channel (at the very endof my DiSH lineup). He was wearing his usual robes and a UCI sun visor, which he explained was because the light was too bright, not because he was advertising the University of California Irvine. He introduced his translator as his "English walking stick".

I've read a bunch of what he's written in collaboration with others, but I've never seen him on TV before. He has a wonderful smile.