June 8th, 2004


depression warriors

eeyore_grrl made a friends-locked post about "fighting depression," which inspired me to make this comment about my depression issues:
You wrote "fighting depression," and I suddenly had a flash of understanding of why I identify with warrior characters/archetypes, even though I am not particularly warlike in any standard sense. I frequently feel like I'm wrestling with a motivation- and appreciation-suppressing force that lives in my brain but isn't really me. And I really do need to use a lot of warrior-type tools to deal with it (the tools that are about keeping going even when you are scared or hurting, the tools about conserving your energy when you can, the tools about waiting for the right moment...)
It's a bit more melodramatic than usual for me, but somewhat apropos.

Hm, maybe it belongs on my interest list.
red panda eating bamboo

Belated Wiscon report

Some things I did at Wiscon 28 and in Madison before and after, in no particular order:Collapse )

I overall enjoyed the con quite a bit. Not quite as much as last year, but that was mostly my fault; I didn't make enough of an effort to make plans with people I like. I did encounter less of a feminist sensibility this year than last year, which probably has something to do with my having not chosen the best panels for feminist discussion. I agree mildly with the objections I've been hearing in others' reports about Republican-bashing (criticizing I don't mind, but bashing irritates me, no matter who it's directed at), but I think the attendees and committee members will be able to figure out ways to improve the atmosphere in the future.

I have lots of panel ideas to submit for next year!

There are two barriers to my going back. Collapse )