June 19th, 2004

rolling cat

SF Bay Area: Feldenkrais workshop - Healing Neck, Shoulders, Hands

The OH's mother is an excellent Feldenkrais practitioner. Here is her description of Feldenkrais:
Feldenkrais exercises help restore comfort and natural ability to move and are especially useful for anyone with chronic tension in back, neck and shoulders. New movement patterns engage your imagination and create a "joy in movement" experience with lasting benefits.
She is teaching an afternoon workshop on the next four third Sundays for people with neck, shoulder, and hand problems.

I've done an audiotape of a similar workshop and it made a big difference in my mobility. (I don't have a lot of pain in those areas, but I have stiffness and occasional numbness.)

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I used the rolling cat icon because it reminds me of Feldenkrais - at least the "joy in movement" part!