June 20th, 2004

red panda eating bamboo

firecat's take on the "ask me questions" meme

Y'all are free to ask me questions about my life any time, including by commenting on this post. I'm likely to answer such questions, or at least decline to answer politely.

But actually I think a lot of folks know more about my life than my opinions. I tend to keep quiet about my opinions for three reasons: (1) They are the same as other people's, and so I think repeating them would be boring; (2) They are different from other people's, and so I think stating them would cause irritation or offense; (3) I have no informed opinion, and so I think stating my vague thoughts would sound stupid.

So what I really would like out of this question meme is an excuse to rant or blather about things. If you feel like suggesting a topic for me to rant or blather about, please comment here. (I'll put the rants/blathers in separate entries.)