June 22nd, 2004

red panda eating bamboo

More of a blather-let

snippy also asked me:

Should I keep trying with my plants, or resign myself to theft?

(For background, see her post on the subject.)

If someone repeatedly stole my plants, I'm sure I'd give up eventually, or plant poison ivy; but from this distance I find myself thinking "Someone who steals plants must really need them. Maybe I will continue to provide them with plants and consider it a sort of spiritual gift to the universe, a declaration of my faith that everything is connected and therefore what does a plant-stealer good also does me good."
red panda eating bamboo

silly conversation

I have a fondness for gooey sweet red food, such as strawberry and cherry filling and maraschino cherries. The OH occasionally chides me about this. Today I was eating vanilla soft serve with strawberry goo and he started on me. I said, "I like it because I'm a vegetarian vampire."

The conversation continued along a meandering path and wound up at: "Is there such a thing as a goth furry?"