July 2nd, 2004

red panda eating bamboo

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susanstinson rocks.

"Fat and Greed"(Published as: "Nothing succeeds like excess: corporate greed goes unchecked in a fat-phobic society." Women’s Review of Books, 18:10-11, Jul '01)

I have a fantasy about what the covers of popular magazines might look like if the publishers stopped using the obsession with universal slenderness to sell each month’s issue, and – to indulge in a fresh, new look -- focused on the contribution economic greed makes to ill health:
  • LOSE 20, 40, 60 POUNDS OF EXCESS RESOURCE CONSUMPTION, and Never, Ever Re-Gain Them!
  • SHOCKING FACT! The cost of providing basic education, health care, food and water for all the people on earth is less than the net worth of Bill Gates!
  • SPECIAL OFFER: New Equality Breakthrough!
red panda eating bamboo

Peninsula Humane Society volunteer opportunities

I've been volunteering at PHS in San Mateo, California, for coming up on five years. It's a great organization to be involved in. Here are some of the kinds of volunteer jobs they are looking to fill. Some of the Web Development jobs could probably be done by people outside the area.

They’re looking for volunteers in the following areas:
Pick of the Litter
Foster Care
Mobile Adoptions
Web Development, Photography, Creative writing for the web

(This is excerpted from the volunteer newsletter.)
Featured Volunteer Opportunity: Web Developer
Are you an experienced web developer with programming expertise? Do you enjoying taking pictures? If so, then we need you! Web developers and digital photographers will take photos of the adoptable animals, crop and edit them, and upload photos to the website http://www.PeninsulaHumaneSociety.org. We also need developers who can make weekly updates on other pages, and help improve the site’s overall usability. Experienced in html, Javascript, and CGI highly desirable. If you’re interested in volunteering for the web or any of the other “hot volunteer opportunities,”contact Brian Probst, Volunteer Services Manager, at bprobst@PeninsulaHumaneSociety.org or 650/340-7022 x 328.

Volunteer job descriptions: