July 21st, 2004

red panda eating bamboo

animals animals animals

I have an enormous compost pile in my back yard that's just a cylinder of chicken wire, open at the top, with a small "door" in the side. Most warm nights I hear rustling out there. Tonight, right after the rustling stopped, I saw a large raccoon standing on its hind legs, about 6 feet away, and staring through the window at me with intense curiosity.

Maybe it was chastising me for not having put any fruit or veggies onto the compost pile in the past few days.

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red panda eating bamboo

to-do list

via kightp, who says:
The instructions say: Bold the ones you've done, add three you've done, and two you want to. I'll add italicize the ones you haven't done but want to, just to make things more interesting.
And I'll add "underline the ones you haven't done and don't want to, and strikethrough the ones you have done and wish you hadn't." Collapse )
red panda eating bamboo


I'm doing a lot of editing today. When I work for a long stretch on deadline, I tend to do obscure, proto-obsessive stuff during the breaks I take. I just downloaded and read the minutes for my city's latest planning commission meeting.
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