August 30th, 2004

Fat activism opportunity

Marilyn Wann, flabulous fab activist extraordinaire, is trying to organize alternatives to the American Society of Bariatric Surgeons' second annual Walk from "Obesity." Info about the walk here: - it happens the morning of September 18.

I can't participate because I'm going to be on vacation.

If anyone here lives near a "walk" and is interested in putting together a local response, Marilyn can make handout materials available and put people in touch with whatever local fat pride community might be nearby. (The rubric of last year's organizing group is Bypass the Bypass Brigade.)

If you are interested, you can get in touch with Marilyn directly or you can comment here (or e-mail me) with your e-mail address and I will pass your comment on to Marilyn.

Unfriendly comments or e-mails will be put in the bit recycle bin.

I guess it's fat day

I made this comment in janetmiles's journal. She linked to an interesting article about self-image written by a professor who considers himself fat.
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Note: You probably know that I have opinions about weight loss in general, but I'm not discussing them in this post. This post discusses my feelings and choices about my own life (and some speculations I have about strangers who act angry with me for no reason).
red panda eating bamboo

SF Bay Peninsula - Free stuff

Edit: Items spoken for!

I belong to various mailing lists, but I want people I know and their friends to have first crack at my stuff.

Here's the deal:

Pick up (no shipping, sorry) within an arranged pickup window by Sunday 9/5. I live on the SF Bay Peninsula between Redwood City and Belmont.

If you want something I'm offering and you can pick it up as specified above, leave a comment here.

I want to give a chance to people who aren't on 5-minute refresh, so I'll leave comments open most of the day, and then I'll draw winners from the list and contact them by responding to their comment. If you want me to contact you by email instead, then leave your email address (munged in some fashion is OK) in the comment. I'm too lazy to go to your info page to get your email address.

Please arrange a pickup window within 24 hours of receiving my comment or email, or else I may offer the item to someone else.

Feel free to forward this to people you know, but not to lists or communities.

OFFER: Complete set of Babylon 5 videotapes

OFFER: Cheap classical guitar

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