September 1st, 2004

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Interview meme (latest iteration)

Great questions from punkmom

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Now....if you wish....
1. Leave a comment saying you want to be interviewed.
2. I'll reply and give you five questions to answer.
3. You'll update your LJ with the five questions answered.
4. You'll include this explanation.
5. You ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed. And it just keeps going, and going, and going (hopefully!)
red panda eating bamboo

Peninsula Humane Society (SF Bay Area) featured volunteer position

I do this. It's a blast, and I'd love to see some folks from LiveJournal join the team. Erica is absolutely superb to work with, and the customer service training is easy (even for a not very social person like me) and helpful.

Featured Volunteer Opportunity: Mobile Adoptions

Do you love to go to fun places and take animals along? Mobile adoptions might be the volunteer position for you! Most weekends (and some weekdays) a group of staff, volunteers, and animals head out to locations around San Mateo county to showcase our adoptable four legged friends. Regular sites include Hillsdale Mall, Serramonte Mall, Plaza de Paws in Burlingame, and Pet Food Express in Redwood City. We are also regulars at one-time events such as community festivals and dog park parties. You will talk with the public and put PHS/SPCA’s best foot forward, and show off our animals, many of which really shine when they are out of their kennels. We are limited on the number of animals we take and
the number of venues we can visit by the number of volunteers, so we are looking for additional volunteers. We will train you on customer service skills and animal handling, so all you need is a willing attitude and a desire to find more homes for our animals and spread the good work of PHS/SPCA. Contact Erica Feuerbacher at 650-340-7022 x317 or
efeurerbacher at
red panda eating bamboo

More shilling for PHS (SF bay area volunteer op)

Calling for Theater Set Designers

PHS/SPCA has a cable tv show which airs Thursdays on Peninsula TV Channel 26, from 6-6:30 pm. Our local Comcast office in Burlingame has
been producing this show for us at no cost the past 17 months. While we are gracious for their generosity, the backdrop to the small set they provide for our show could use some help. If you or someone you know can offer that expertise, please contact Scott Delucchi at 650/685-8510 or
delucchi at