September 8th, 2004

red panda eating bamboo


This meme via gloriajn and others, liberally edited and added to and generally turned into a pissy rant.

I have chronic depression. This is a condition with physical, emotional, behavioral, and cultural components. In fact it is probably somewhere from a dozen to several hundred different conditions that are lumped all together under one name.

I've heard many incorrect beliefs about depression and its treatment over the years. Collapse )

Along with many other people who have chronic depression, I am a strong, intelligent, capable person. I think it can be a good thing to talk about this condition and how it affects us and how we live with it.

If you have depression or there are people in your life who have it, I think it would be cool if you said something about depression in your own LJ. But I don't intend to cause anybody to feel obligated to talk about something they don't want to talk about.

Edit 9/9 Since several people have asked: Feel free to post a link to this elsewhere. If you feel like leaving a comment here letting me know you've done so, that would be cool, but you don't have to.</b>