September 13th, 2004

red panda eating bamboo

seeking US Election Day volunteer opportunities

tedesson posted a New York Times article about the Election Protection Coalition, which is working to stamp out systematic election-day voter harrassment in the US.
(If you don't want to register, go to for a registration code.)

I would like to volunteer in some fashion on election day. I know about this organization, and I know that Michael Moore's site, at least a month ago, was suggesting that people from states that are already solidly for Kerry should travel to swing states to help bring out the Kerry vote there.

If you know of any other Election Day volunteer opportunties, would you mind posting them in a comment here?
red panda eating bamboo

today's fat post

Originally posted as a comment in a friends-locked post. The subject was this post in bigfatblog (excerpt follows):
I think that most people in size acceptance would rather shoot for acceptance than a smaller size; if people of all shapes and sizes are treated equally, then the quest for thinness becomes moot. But I don't purport to speak for everyone, so speak your mind.
This has always been true, although sometimes I've lost sight of it: I don't have any problem with my size. My problem is other people have a problem with my size. Parts of the world I inhabit aren't set up for someone of my size. I can't fit into some furniture, and I am constantly reading fat-hysterical, fat-hating stuff.
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