September 15th, 2004

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VOTEorNOT redux

Four people signed up for VOTEorNOT through my referral last week. (Thank you!)

I told the OH this and his response was "nya, nya, i've got five. ;-)" He got his sign-ups by posting to I figured I would see if my LiveJournal community can beat his community (all in the name of promoting democracy, of course).

My referral link:

Once again, the annoying, US-centric details about VOTEorNOT are:

VOTE or NOT? -
Jim and James, the founders of HOT or NOT, are throwing this sweepstakes to encourage people to participate in democracy!

The sweepstakes winner will receive $100,000 from Jim. James will give
away another $100,000 to the person who referred the winner.

Please remind your friends to register by referring them.
And remember, if they win, you win too!
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red panda eating bamboo

Bad customer service hall of fame

I'm trying to learn Japanese on my own, and I borrowed some Pimsleur language tapes from the library. The Pimsleur tapes teach a language entirely by ear. I'm normally pretty bad at learning languages, but I tend to learn well by ear and I found this a really good method for me to get familiar with some of the basics of the language, although I'm sure I could never get anywhere near fluent with it.

Anyway, the library only has part 1 of the complete program of 6 parts. Pimsleur courses are extremely expensive to buy, around $400-$600, but I found an audio book company, Recorded Books, that rents the tapes. Because one of the tapes from the library was faulty, I ordered part 1 from Recorded Books. Although there was a backorder on it for a few days, I received it eventually, and listened to the faulty tape, and finished part 1, and all was well.

Then I ordered part 2 from Recorded Books. Again, there's a short backorder, but finally it comes. So I put the first tape in to listen to it. Uh oh. It's actually part 1. The box says part 2, but all the tapes inside are from part 1.
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